Volunteer Overview

Thanks for volunteering!

The 11th Annual Tri for A Cure will take place on Sunday, July 22 at 7am on the campus of Southern Maine Community College, in South Portland, ME.  This event is a fundraiser for Maine Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization, and the proceeds from the race are used to support cancer research, patient education, and patient support services right here in Maine.  We appreciate your commitment to the cause and to the athletes.  The 10th Annual Tri for a Cure could not happen without you!

Registration Link will open in the early spring!

Race Week-end

Remember, the EXPO on Saturday July 21 and the race on Sunday July 22 go on RAIN OR SHINE.  Please come prepared by wearing comfortable shoes, bringing/wearing sun block and a hat, rain gear if necessary, and a water bottle so you can stay hydrated.  For some positions you are welcome to bring a lawn chair.  We will provide breakfast pastries, snacks, and water to have during your volunteer time. You are welcome to bring along anything you may want to eat or drink while you are with us.

Please keep in mind that sometimes we may need to give you a different job than you signed up for so that the race is safe and things go smoothly.  We appreciate your flexibility and commitment to the cause and to the athletes if this happens. If you haven't already done so, please let us know about any limitations you have regarding walking distances or standing for extended periods of time.  This may impact what job we assign to you.

Your MOST important Job

Your most important job on race day is to support the athletes.  Each athlete will need your words of encouragement on race day, so please be sure to cheer for each and every athlete loudly and often!  All of the athletes are participating for their own reasons, and most of them are first time racers.  This event is full of excitement, emotion, and challenge.  Your help is an essential ingredient in making this a meaningful and successful event for the athletes, their supporters, and Maine Cancer Foundation.

Your Area Coordinator

You will be assigned to a Volunteer Coordinator who is the leader for that particular aspect of the race.  This coordinator will be contacting you by July 5, 2018 by EMAIL. Please let us know if your email address changes between when you register and race day.  The coordinator will send an email outlining the specific details you will need to know.  If you do not hear from your coordinator BY JULY 8, or if you have general questions, you may email me at [email protected]  


You may access course maps and more information on our website at http://triforacure.org/tri-cure-course-map-parking

Thanks again for volunteering, and I look forward to meeting you on race day!

Susan Lichtman Maataoui
Volunteer Director
Tri for a Cure
[email protected]