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We deeply appreciate your continued support for the fight against cancer. We're kicking off our annual funding drive with an exciting campaign: Challenge Cancer 2020:

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I have a shorter post than usual this month because the story is simple:

Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer death in Maine.

I'll say it again: tobacco is the leading cause of cancer death in Maine.

Lung cancer rates in Maine are consistently and significantly higher than the U.S. average, and not just a little higher: 30% higher.

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Left to Right: Stewart Vreeland, Tara Hill, Kelly Barden

Freeport, Maine. Maine Cancer Foundation was named recipient of the "Midge Vreeland Service Award," at the annual conference of the Maine Public Relations Council (MPRC).

Named in honor of the late Midge Vreeland, the Maine Public Relations Council Midge Vreeland Public Service Award recognizes a public relations professional or organization whose efforts help the greater good and embodies the core principles held by Midge -- integrity, commitment to community service and a willingness to advance organizations and their causes.

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Together, the Maine Cancer Consortium and Maine Cancer Foundation want to announce an exciting change for both organizations, one that we hope to announce formally on January 1st, 2016.

For several years now, Maine Cancer Foundation has worked closely with the Maine Cancer Consortium, a coalition of over 100 Maine-based organizations and individuals with oncology expertise who are focused on working together to reduce cancer rates in Maine.

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A great big THANK YOU to Lori Voornas, Jeff Parsons, Kylie Queen, and all the great folks at Q97.9 for doubling down at Cans for a Cure last week.

With help from dozens of area groups and several very generous business contributions, Cans for a Cure collected over 1 million cans ($50,000) to help support the work of Maine Cancer Foundation and the Cancer Community Center. This achievement is a new record for Cans for a Cure, doubling their previous win from last year.