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A big thank you to the folks from Black Bear Medical in Portland Maine! Travis Beaulieu and his friend stopped into the Maine Cancer office today with a  generous contribution for our fall fundraising drive.

Thanks to our matching gift opportunity, this gift will go a long way to help fight cancer in Maine!

Our sincere thanks to the Black Bear Medical team!

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It looks like winter is finally here... but it it's not all bad! Here's a fun craft project to show your support for a friend or family member dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

These paper snowflake designs are easy to make and bring a little beauty to any holiday display!


Step 1. 
Download and print out the "snowflake" template.


Step 2. 
Trim the paper to a square and crease it top-bottom and left-right.


Step 3. 
Fold in half.

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Double Your Impact on Cancer With A Challenge Match

Hi everyone,

We're starting off our fall fundraising drive with a unique and exciting challenge: a local family will double the amount we raise this month, up to $20,000! 

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In the wake of last month's shocking news story about United Mid-Coast Charities' $3.8 million fraud case, we want to give you these five simple tips to help review your favorite nonprofit organization:

1. Check, Please

Every legitimate charity should provide you with a receipt for your gift, either by email or (preferably) through the postal service. For large organizations, turn around can take a few weeks, so don't panic. A proper receipt should include the amount of your gift, the date of the gift, organization's mailing address and tax ID. It would be nice if they say "thank you" too.